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  • SEO: What’s a Redirect?

    SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of critiquing your site so that the search engines see it and know where to point visitors to. Basic search engine optimization techniques involve having logical page headings, pertinent meta tags (words you never see but that live in the background of your page), and quality content. Continue Reading

  • Google +1 is Pro-Business

    Last week, Google revolutionized the search & social sphere with the release of its “+1” button. This button allows users to, in essence, “like” websites while recommending them to friends. This new foray into social search is just what Google needed, and is everything that Business has wanted. It replaces aspects of review sites, social Continue Reading

  • Backlinks and Your Ranking

    Backlinks are an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A backlink is an incoming link to a website. In the past, prior to the days of the search engine, backlinks were the main way to get from one website to another, however it has now become an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. Search Continue Reading

  • The Complete Online Strategy

    There’s much more to a website than just a website, and I’m not talking about the technical. The website is a fundamental piece of your online presence. Its your home storefront online. It is the center of your online campaigns and the biggest impression someone can have of your business online. It is the destination Continue Reading

  • What’s Your Site Rank?

    Is it just us, or is search engine marketing getting to be a big thing? First it was just HAVING a website. Next it was social media and now we’re trending more towards combining the two for an even greater return via search engine marketing. What’s next? Mobile technologies (well, yeah, it is actually)?! All Continue Reading

  • SEO Basics: Meta Data

    Meta tags are located between the opening and closing head tags of a page’s source code. The three types of tags that are examined by search engine crawlers are the Description, Keyword, and Robots. Descriptions More so than any other aspect of SEO, meta descriptions effect WHAT is displayed for your site’s search engine listing Continue Reading

  • SEO Basics: Content and Links

    While the methods are complex (incorporating hundreds of factors and using complex algorithms to filter and rank), the purpose of search engines are simple: to provide a list of the most applicable sites for a given search term. Be it Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine, the top criteria on which pages are evaluated Continue Reading