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  • Ubuntu reads your iPhone’s secrets, finds bat cave location

    The first time I used Linux was about 6 years ago when Red Hat 8.0 hit the public scene. Linux, and in particular the Red Hat and Ubuntu distributions, is a popular operating system that competes with the likes of Windows and Mac OS X. One of the neat features was being able to poke in Windows Continue Reading

  • Apple blocks another third party developer

    When Apple announced that there would be no cross compiling, or using another programming language other than objective C there was an outcry amongst developers. Most recently, it’s been turned into a battle between Apple and Adobe. The issue at hand has to due with the launch of Adobe’s new Creative Suite 5. A new Continue Reading

  • Android, iPhone, and You

    Is your business currently looking to get more involved in the social media scene? It’s considerably easier to get yourself on the iPhone/iPad/Android bandwagon these days, especially if you already have a blog. There’s plenty of ways out there to convert your existing blog into a mobile application. Why would you do this? 1) You Continue Reading