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  • Local Optimization: How to Get Customers Near You

    If you are like most small businesses the hardest thing to find is customers. While people may be all around you, customers are busy people with busy lives and oftentimes proximity isn’t enough to make them visit your store. You have to reach out to them and make your products be visible. Here’s a few Continue Reading

  • Daily Deals get Upgraded to Realtime

    In a race to become the best deals site around, Groupon and LivingSocial have upped the ante to include realtime deals on their site. Pressured from smaller startups like tipcity, Cing and others have mounted and the real time has become the time of now. As opposed to daily deals where deals are planned in Continue Reading

  • Deals Sites Compared: Groupon v. LevelUp

    Perhaps you’ve heard of Groupon, the $6 billion dollar group buying program with a business plan problem. Well, let me introduce you to its business friendly (and I say that with a smile) cousin – LevelUp. It acts very much like a typical group buying site, but is structured to ensure repeat visits and less Continue Reading

  • Groupon Takes on MA State Regulation

    I’ve been using Groupon for a little over a year now and I love it. Not only do I love Groupon because of the sweet deals that they give me, but because I genuinely believe that they at least try to do right by their customers. Even their controversial super bowl ad can at least Continue Reading