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  • Mobile Brings Discounts, Events Near You

    Maybe you’ve heard by now. Mobile has hit the mainstream. Mobile apps have been all the range since the advent of the second version of the iphone which brought with it the App Store. The app store created an easy access to a plethora of applications that can be easily bought and download to extend Continue Reading

  • Apple blocks another third party developer

    When Apple announced that there would be no cross compiling, or using another programming language other than objective C there was an outcry amongst developers. Most recently, it’s been turned into a battle between Apple and Adobe. The issue at hand has to due with the launch of Adobe’s new Creative Suite 5. A new Continue Reading

  • Android, iPhone, and You

    Is your business currently looking to get more involved in the social media scene? It’s considerably easier to get yourself on the iPhone/iPad/Android bandwagon these days, especially if you already have a blog. There’s plenty of ways out there to convert your existing blog into a mobile application. Why would you do this? 1) You Continue Reading