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Your webpage should be theĀ centerpieceĀ of your online strategy. It’s your home away from home of sorts. Whenever somebody needs information on your business, what better place is there to go than to your website for up-to-date information on all of your current or potential customer’s questions? Here, you provide information such as your address, phone number, and personal greeting. You stylize the site so it’s unique to you and offer up a personal experience for your users.

Because small businesses often come with small budgets, we’ve done our best to keep costs low and functionality high. We use open source website platforms such as WordPress with cheap templates that keep development costs low. We’ll customize your template to meet your needs and implement additional technologies including social media integration, e-mail signup, landing page creation and form development.

Businesses are constantly changing, and their websites should be too! We’ll be glad to setup your new website and update it for you as frequently as needed. There’s no need to know code or know how it works. All you should be concerned about is running your business and helping us create your online home.

How We Do It:

Step 1: We’ll set you up with a hosting account and domain name that are all yours. We’ve partnered with HostGator to provide you with the best website experience possible. Their constant uptime and great customer service are industry leading.

Step 2: Pick out your design. There are a large number of templates out there and we’ll work with you to pick out one that fits your needs. Whether you’re running a pizza shop or a professional services firm, we’ll build out a design that suites your needs.

Step 3: Tweak it and Personalize it. You can call this step the frosting on the cake. We’ll make sure your web presence is just how you want it and add some bells and whistles on top. This is where we integrate your social media, contact forms, and videos into the mix.

Step 4: Go Live. Once you’ve made the site, you’ve got to publicize it. Using both online and offline marketing, it’s time to spread the word about your site — including to the search engines.


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