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Nowadays, social media is serious business. It’s the way that you communicate with current customers, and spread the word to gain new customers on a daily basis. Social media is the voice of your organization and it helps your business to share its thoughts with the public.

Social media best practices are forming in a variety of ways because of the huge opportunity that social media presents. There are so many ways that social media is used and no way is wrong. The DDT way incorporates all aspects of social media use and encourages participation in the business community. We use social media for:

  • Customer Service: When customer have questions, social media has answers. Questions can range from what hours is your business open, to what sort of return policy do you have regarding product X. No matter what the concern is, we’ll do our best to get the customer the right answer to their question.
  • Engagement: They keyword in social media is social. Customers opt-in to your social channel and therefore should be provided with a customized social experience. This gives business the opportunities to interact with customers directly thus adding value to the relationship and ensuring repeat visits to your storefront again and again.
  • Lead Generation: Finding new followers is one thing, but turning them into customers is another. We use a variety of methods to get the word out there about your business to help create leads. From giveaways and specials to being active in the industry conversation, we’ll work to bring the customers to you.

How We Do It:

Brand Plan

Step 1: We figure out what is right for your business. Every business is unique and special in its own way. And we’re not just saying that. We believe it!  So why should any two businesses have the same online content? They shouldn’t! That’s why we’ll work with you to create a brand persona unique to your business. We’ll create an attitude, a mascot, and give your business the cool, hip look it wants or the seasoned professional persona it has earned.

Step 2: We’ll figure out your sources. Who are the thought leaders in your industry? Who are your competitors? Let’s take a look at what they’re doing and top it!

Step 3: Content. Now that we know your brand persona, what kind of content will they provide? Is your business more of a New York Times kind of guy, or would it prefer the Wall Street Journal? We’ll use these sources for content to keep your readers up to date not only on you, but on your industry as well! When your brand is thinking, your customers begin to think about you!

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