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Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing is the compliment to search engine optimization. When you’re in fierce competition or have a limited amount of time on your hands, search engine marketing is a great solution. You can also use Search Engine Marketing as some fuel to the fire. Use SEM to compliment a strong SEO campaign and really show your competition who’s boss.

Search Engine Marketing is different than Search Engine Optimization because you pay for your listing to appear at the top of results. Oftentimes, this is highlighted so as not to confuse consumers between paid placement and organic (SEO) placement. This “pay to place” strategy allows your site to be one of the first that potential clients will see often heightening the chances for sales.

This strategy is often on a pay-per-click basis and goes beyond rankings in search engines. You can also market your goods or services on other popular web destinations such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and on third party sites.

How We Do It:

Step 1: Decide on the keywords. What keywords are most important to be ranked highly? When somebody clicks on your link, where will they be directed? Landing pages are oftentimes great places to direct searchers when targeted keywords are clicked.

Step 2: Target the audience and the platform. What kind of audience is being targeted with this keyword? We’ll work with you to help decide who your target customer is and the best way and location to approach them.

Step 3: Set goals and payment limits. Search Engine Marketing needs to drive sales or else it isn’t worth its cost. We’ll help you to set goals for your online marketing efforts and make sure that these goals drive real tangible sales.

Step 4: Implement and Revise. Maintain your online marketing efforts through various trials and see which ads perform best. Continually improve these ads to drive further growth and increase the visibility and click-through rate of your presence online.