Email Marketing

Perhaps the most tried-and-true effective online advertising medium is still the email message. With almost everyone having (at least) one email address, it is an easy way to target your products and services to people who opt to hear more. This method of mailing is much cheaper than the physical form and has success rates that remain positively high. As long as you provide your readers with valuable content and don’t send out too many newsletters, your email marketing efforts are bound to be enjoyed by the consumer and profitable for you.

How We Do It:

Step 1: We work with you to design timetables and layouts of your email campaigns. Providing your subscribers with the right amount of content in the right increments of time can impact the success of an otherwise great campaign.

Step 2: Build your database. The most crucial part of an email campaign is having subscribers to send your messages to. We’ll help you begin to collect, or build out, your subscriber list to grow your marketing campaign and customer base.

Step 3: Send Away! You provide us the content (we’ll help write some too) and we’ll put it in a nice graphical interface and make sure it gets to your subscribers.

Step 4: Analyse the Statistics. One of the greatest things about e-mail marketing is its targeted statistics. Once the email is sent, we’ll be able to see how well it did and adjust future mailings accordingly.