Directory Listings

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List your business in all the right places. From your online phonebook to industry-specific listings, directories provide your business the opportunity to be found in more locations online. By linking your site and providing information to business directories, you increase the chances of your business being found while advancing your own search engine ranking at the same time.

By claiming your place in business directories you are securing your information and placing it under your control. Oftentimes, businesses are listed in directories without their knowledge and this information can be outdated, faulty, or just plain wrong. Don’t put your business information in the hands of someone other than yourself. Control where and how people find you online by making sure your listings are easily found, up-to-date, helpful listings that will drive leads to your business.

How We Do It:

Step 1: Discover business directories. Every industry has it’s own fair share of directories and listings for their particular niche. We’ll scout these out and make sure that you’re listed in the most important and influential ones around. Of course, we’ll also list you with the big names too including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, and others.

Step 2: List information and media. Update, create, and revise business directory listings with appropriate information and media. Pictures can say 1,000 words and will often help you stand out among a crowd of competitors.

Step 3: Maintain. Maintenance is crucial. Keep us up to date as your hours change, you add new products or services, or you create new specials. We’ll update your directories to reflect your changes and make your online reputation mimic your offline one.