Social Media — By now, you’ve probably heard of Facebook and Twitter but do you really know how to use them to drive customer satisfaction and sales? Do you really want to spend all of that time researching, updating, and writing? We do! Our customer-centric approach to social media engages customers and ensures that your online communication is tailored to your liking.

Web Design — What would the web be without websites? If your business doesn’t have a website, it’s leaving itself vulnerable to what others post about you! Control your online image by creating the official source of all things you. Our template-based approach to websites makes sure your costs stays low, and make updates a cinch!

Search Engine Optimization — What good is being online if nobody can find you? Optimize your web presence by ensuring that your business comes on top for key search terms in an organic fashion.

Search Engine Marketing — Are you in an extremely competitive industry? Is SEO taking too long? Target those customers who are most likely to become purchasers by buying up key terms and be found online quickly!

Mobile — This is the latest and largest trend of the web. Optimize your web presence for the mobile user. Ensure your website is easily viewed on small screens, and implement game mechanics into your client’s experience. Offer specials to nearby customers or gain customer loyalty by generating private offerings for your “Mayor”.

Directory Listing — Is your business information correctly listed on Yelp, SuperPages, Google Places, Bing Local, HotFrog or one of many other business directories? These sites are often ranked highly by search engines and business can’t risk giving out wrong information to customers! Get listed and help your customers stay up to date.

Email Marketing — Tried and true, email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of advertising. Use opt-in techniques to grow your client list and keep in touch with your most valuable customers. Turn one-time transactions into lifetime clients.

Reputation Monitoring — Have you ever Googled yourself to see what you’ll find? We’ll make sure that what you find is good, and we’ll respond to the bad. Oftentimes all it takes is a little awareness and a personal touch to turn dissatisfied customers into lifelong clients.

Reputation recovery —  Is your reputation under attack? We’ll help you combat those efforts by promoting the real you online. Using the above methods, we’ll create either a temporary or long-term strategy to combat online and offline warfare by exposing the truth and you or your business. Defend your hard-earned reputation online!

Viral Visits — From time to time, we’ve been known to drop in to client’s places of business to check in, say hi, and live-tweet some customer interactions. We believe that online reputation first begins offline and interacting directly with customers is a great way to better understand the business. Anyone can market from anywhere, but to create a truly customer-facing experience, you have to reach out to the customers too.