David Lanphear

In case you didn’t know, we do personal brands too! Oftentimes, sole proprietors brands are synonymous with their names. Not a problem at all! We’ll do everything to get your name brand (literally!) out there and working for you in no time. We’ll optimize create and optimize your web presence so that you come up near the top of the search results in no time.

Building out a personal brand is really no different than creating a business brand. If you’re trying to accomplish the same thing (drive awareness, generate leads, create sales), then your personal online reputation can be just as important. Even if you’re the president or CEO of your organization, it can be a good idea to control your own web presence online as oftentimes the leaders are the ones vulnerable to the most risk.

Here, we built a plain and simple website in B&W format for David Lanphear, our founder and CEO. You’ll see that we’ve included a blog section which he (tries to) update regularly, included a slideshow on the front page, and have links to his social platforms on the side. Now when you Google his name, he reaches the top of the search rankings even before two published authors!

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David is an avid social entrepreneur and Boston sports fanatic. He founded Diversified Data Technologies way back in 2009 and stuck around to see it grow. His party quarks include unnecessary dancing and being an overly hospitable host. When looking, he can be found capturing the twitterverse at @DLanphear, being professional on LinkedIn, or bouncing around town with Foursquare.