Dr. Renae Freid

Admist some unwanted controversy, and with her practice already employing our services, Dr. Freid came to us for advice. What she got in return was much more than simply advice, she got action. We quickly instituted our Reputation Recovery platform by buying up domain names, creating a positive image of her on the web, and ensuring that her results were seen first. This allowed her to control her image online and led to positive viewpoints and an increased support for her and the practice.

Starting with nothing, Dr. Freid began early on in the process which was critical to her success. By not delaying, we were able to jump right into the conversation and control where it went online. We met together and drew out a quick response plan, shot videos, gathered testimonials, and worked out the kinks. In less than a week, Dr. Freid’s web presence went live and she was ranked in the top 5 results on search engines.

Going from nothing to something in under a week is great turnaround time, and at the time and money it took, the results came out great. Take a look for yourself to discover more.

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