Newburyport Family Practice

Newburyport Family Practice came to us looking to up the ante on their web presence. Like most other clients, they had been using a website designed 6 or 7 years ago by a techy doctor who was no longer with the practice. Unfortunately for them, this is all they had.

The website was built in ‘spaghetti code’ and was not easily updated by anyone in the practice. They relied on family and friends to help out when they needed it and their updates were patchwork at best. The site provided good content, but it was not easily accessible. With awkward moving menu bars and a lack of contact information on every page, the website failed to follow some of the basic online marketing principles that we hold near and dear today. In other words, it was obvious that the site was built by a hard working nerd and not a marketing professional.

Well, we worked quickly to change all of that. By selecting a layout and template that fit the needs of both the practice and the patient, Newburyport Family Practice was able to build a much more pleasing and navigable site. Much of the content was salvageable and transferred over to the new site. With a brushed up interface and social media integration they have seen a steady 60% increase in traffic to their webpage. Surely, this was a healthy makeover.

In 2017, Newburyport Family Practice hired out Infinite Media for a full professional rebrand. PogoPlus has been working extensively with the great team at Infinite to make their fresh brand assets into beautiful online experiences.

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