Acorn Apartment Buildings

Acorn Apartment Buildings was a client that’s near and dear to our hearts. They were one of our first referral clients and have always been one of favorites (just don’t tell the others that)!

We’ve had the opportunity to sit down with Glenn (the owner) on a few occasions and really help his business shape both online and off. Whether we talk about his latest keyword results or whether a new update would be beneficial to his website, it’s always all business and the business is always fun.

From start to finish we’ve modified the Acorn Apartment’s online brand from a static website and advertising program that cost thousands of dollars per year to a dynamic and targeted system that speaks to real people. And we speak to them too! Acorn Apartment now communicates regularly via social media, is on various directory sites, has increased their backlinks and Google results for key search terms, and has engaged in Google Adwords for others.

Acorn Apartments has since decided to go-it alone to cut some costs. We wish them the best in their future pursuits.

Acorn Apartment Hotels – Your home away from home.

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