Rejuvenation Health & Wellness

Rejuvenation Health and Wellness was just starting out when they approach us. With great intent they decided to go with a big name medical website firm to build out their website. What they didn’t realize was all of the hidden costs and going-forward expenses that they would accrue. From social media to Adwords advertising and some SEO as well, their monthly bill could have topped $900 if they stayed with the same company. Luckily, PogoPlus offered the same services at a fraction of the price.

The PogoPlus Standard plan more than suited the needs of Rejuvenation Health and would save the company thousands of dollars PER YEAR. In fact, Rejuvenation came to realize that PogoPlus used all the same tools that the extremely expensive website creators used and were able to pick up where the competition left off.

In no time, PogoPlus sculpted an online marketing plan and worked closely with the founder to make it a reality – all while saving the company money.

After just a couple of years using PogoPlus, Rejuvenation is now experiencing tremendous growth. They have multiple positions to hire for, have opened a second office and are doing more plastic surgery than ever before! And if you’re in Tennessee looking for breast augmentation or liposuction, just mention this online offer for extra special care.

The Rejuvenation practice has since been sold and is no longer in operation.