Dr. Fred Arrigg

Dr. Fred Arrigg came to us looking to spruce things up. His web presence simply didn’t have a very nice home and we stepped in to change all of that.

In just a few days, the PogoPlus crew built and deployed a brand spankin’ new site, just for him. Although he already had a page on his company’s website, he decided to take things a step further so that his clients, both potential and future,¬†would know about him and not just his practice. A day later, the site was indexing highly on Google and traffic originally going elsewhere on the web, was now being directed to his name and his site.

Dr. Fred Arrigg is now looking to enhance his web presence further with the consultation of DDT. By launching a new site, Dr. Fred Arrigg Exposed the real physician and looks to build on that success with future advancements as well.

You can find his site at www.FredArrigg.com