A to Z Primary Care

A to Z Primary Care and Occupational Health is a small healthcare practice center that has changed focus in the past couple of years. After a few years of new ideas, name changes, and shifts A to Z Primary Care was finally born. With a focus on cost-effective patient acquisition, A to Z turned to PogoPlus for help with their online needs.

Previously, A to Z Primary Care had various URLs scattered all throughout the internet. The practitioner profiles were all out of date and the company website was a simple form a doctor posted with GoDaddy. In short, the web was cluttered with information and misinformation about the various forms this practice took.

PogoPlus’ first step into the game was to completely revamp their website. While a contact form would be a crucial part of the site, it was no longer the whole site. Updated with new pictures, content, and aesthetic pleasure A to Z was able to start fresh with a single web address to call ‘home.’

PogoPlus then worked with Kathy – the lead practitioner – to build links and online referrals to the practice from other sites throughout the internet. They built up a social media profile on twitter and began creeping their way up in organic search results.

It’s now safe to say that A to Z’s vitals are looking much stronger.

Check out A to Z Primary Care for all your Warwick, RI medical needs.