The Money “Problem”

We get it. You’re a small business and finances are tight. That’s why we’ve done everything possible to keep costs low and returns high. But the question still remains — why should I do this online advertising thing? Is it really going to bring me new customers/get my brand out there/serve customers? Well, obviously we think the answer is yes but you might not be so easily convinced. Here’s a few reasons why online reputation management really does work out financially:

Is Billboard Advertising Effective?

If you advertise on a billboard, in a playbill, in the yellowpages or in a newspaper, can you tell how many people actually saw that? What kind of revenue did it generate? This is really hard to quantify and oftentimes it’s just a drop in the bucket with a hope of future returns. At the very least, you can think of online marketing and reputation management as a more precise advertising method. With online marketing, you can easily track statistics of how many people are seeing your content and what they do with it. This is at least a minimal improvement over traditional methods of advertising.

Isn’t Online More Expensive with Lower Returns?

Nope! This just simply isn’t true, at least not at our price points. Check out this example:

Suppose you want to send out a mailing to 5,000 people. Traditionally your cost structure would include

  • Hiring a Graphic Designer/Copy Writer
  • Printing the Letter
  • Addressing and Stuffing Envelopes
  • Pay for Postage
  • Dealing with the environmental impact (trees used to make the paper, gas for mail transport, landfill sustainability)

Altogether, this could cost almost $4,000 (figures calculated here). That’s a crazy amount of money for a one time fixed advertising cost. For many small businesses, that may be their total yearly marketing budget! Why not try sending out even more mailings, at a reduced cost? That’s what you get from email marketing. Let’s try that figure against email marketing costs:

  • Included templates eliminate the need for graphic design.
  • Email marketing uses a casual professional tone, copy writer not necessary.
  • Postage is free
  • There is no time or money spent buying, licking, stuffing envelopes
  • The environmental impact is significantly lessened
  • It’s easily shared with others for further market reach

All of this costs a fraction of the amount of a traditional mailing. In fact, the $4,000 spent just on a traditional direct mail campaign would cover the costs of some of our packages (including email) for a year! Oh, and did we mention that email is even MORE EFFECTIVE at lead generation than costly direct mail? According to Forrester, customers who saw product/service emails spent 138% more than non-subscribers and more than 50% of subscribers who open the mail message are likely to make a purchase.

What About Customer Service?

The web is a great platform to reach out to potential or current customers. Here, they opt-in to receiving your content and come to find information about YOU. No longer are you forced to push information out to large numbers of people hoping for a response. With online advertising, customers are increasingly able to opt-in to ads they want and opt-out of unwanted solicitation. This lowers overall numbers, but increases the quality of the communication and likelyhood of sales success.

In addition, with opt-in advertising and pull information mechanics, customer satisfaction is heightened. Online is where the customer is and where new interactions are taking place. Forming relationships via social media and keeping your brand in front of the customers who want to see it ensures happier, more accessible long-term customers. Because online is interactive, it provides for more opportunities for true relationships to form when compared to static standard advertising methods.

Time is Money

Not only will online marketing and reputation management save your company money, it will save time as well. No more late nights licking envelopes. We’ll blast the e-mails out for you! Save your time to work on building the core of your business, and leave the online stuff to us. We understand the technical mumbo jumbo along with the marketing concepts so you don’t have to.  Keep up the good work doing what you do best and we’ll support that by giving you back one of your most valuable resources — your time.