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  • How To: Create Your Personal Brand Online

    Personal Branding has become a new buzzword in the Online PR industry. This has been an emerging trend for quite some time now and is focused in main part as a tangent from its larger corporate counterparts. So why do you need to employ some of the same techniques and efforts that large corporations use? Continue Reading

  • Don’t Forget to Vote!

    Another day, another election. With all of the hype surrounding these mid-term elections and all the potential changes to come out of it, there’s no wonder that the internet is ablaze with commentary. From CNN’s typical (but very well put together) website to foursquare offering badges to people who do their civic duty and shoutouts Continue Reading

  • Don’t get Hacked like Bieber

    A few days ago the notorious hacker group from the forum site 4chan hacked youtube and redirected many of Justin Bieber’s videos to “different” content. They made popup windows appear telling users that the teen idol was dead or otherwise indicating that the site had been hacked. Though this prank was relatively harmless, it gives Continue Reading

  • SEO and Web Design

    Perhaps you’re confused about what SEO is exactly and how it differs from web design. After all, isn’t a web page all you need — then you tell people about it, Google “crawls” it, and you’re all set? Well yes, at the most basic level that is probably true. But the whole “build it and Continue Reading

  • What the new Google APIs mean to you now.

    Last week, Google held a huge conference of geeky programmer types in order to make some surprising new announcements. Among these announcements was the release of new APIs for developers to jump in on and use. The new API sets Google decided to include were a brand new Latitude API, a Buzz API, and a Continue Reading

  • Build a Site — Quick!

    So you have a great idea and need a website. Perhaps you have a new product launching, are about to walk into an interview and want to cover your back if they Google you, or have some idea for a site and want it up NOW. You could just give us a call, or you Continue Reading

  • What is Online Reputation Management?

    Online Reputation Management is the process of securing ones reputation as it appears in various forms on the internet. Securing one’s reputation online is not about merely tracking down and wiping out any negative mumblings that might be associated with a brand, though that may be part of it. Securing one’s online reputation is giving Continue Reading