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  • Google Alerts

    Have you ever wondered what people are saying about you online? A little-buzzed service from Google allows you to get a preliminary overview of new content published about you. This service, called Google Alerts, is completely free and sends you emails only when it finds a new publication mentioning a word or phrase you have Continue Reading

  • Website Builders. Why Not?

    Many of you have no doubt seen the latest 1&1 Website Design commercials. They claim that with over 120 templates to choose from you can easily and quickly create a beautiful website for your business. It sounds simple enough, and certainly seems cheap enough. That’s probably why so many people have given it a try Continue Reading

  • Why Build Links?

     You may be asking yourself, “what is link building and why should I be doing it?” If you’re saying this, then you’re probably just getting started online. In essence, link building is the most fundamental aspect of online reputation management. Just as your friends would recommend you, other “friendly” websites should also recommend your site. Continue Reading

  • Economic Inspiration

    It isn’t typical that the economy can inspire a business, but the Kaufmann institute has produced a short clip that does just that. Though all the political talk surrounds raising taxes on the wealthy, makes a great case to increase incentives for small businesses. After all, that is where all the job creation really comes from. Continue Reading

  • Increasing Client base by Pushing Credit Terms

    It’s a roller-coaster of a business world out there. The stock market goes up and down by the hour, unemployment stays stagnantly high, and you’re a small business just trying to stay-a-float and maybe even increase your customer base. There’s the old adage, “You need money, to make money” and while that’s true in a Continue Reading

  • Bring on the New Brand

    Recently, we changed. You may have noticed. No longer are we called “Diversified Data Technologies, LLC.” At least, not by title. However, our actions are the same and our people are the same too. We didn’t change, but we changed. Our name did.  As you know, a name and name recognition is one of the Continue Reading

  • Market Like Crazy!

    When in doubt, act it out. Marketing is all about getting the word out there in whatever way possible. Especially when you’re a small business it pays to act big. The bigger companies can’t be as free and spontaneous as the little guys. And that’s where us small businesses have a huge advantage. So think Continue Reading

  • Innovative Methods: The Office Desk

    Any business big or small has some sort of “office” usually recognized as a place where all the records, bills, telephones, computers, desks and even a refrigerator may be located. Today employees (and especially the boss) are spending more time behind the desks managing paper work, phone calls, and emails. The desk has become so Continue Reading

  • Get a Haircut

    Every so often, you accumulate so much junk that some of it just has to go. Those old sneakers you loved so much? Gone. How about that rare Arabian artwork that’s been boxed up in the basement for 20 years? Sold. Your hair? Well, don’t get rid of it all, but it may need a Continue Reading

  • SEO Basics: What Color is Your Hat?

    If you’ve done any independent SEO research you’ve probably come across references to White Hat, Black Hat, and Grey Hat SEO. Wondering what these are? If so, keep reading… White Hat Search engine approved practices that attempt to naturally optimize the site while maintaining its integrity. White hat strategies are intended to provide long-term benefits Continue Reading