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  • The Food Feud

    Where’s the beef? On Twitter, of course. Wendy’s is serving up a fresh (never frozen?) helping of social media marketing, complete with a side of special spunk. It all started off innocently enough… The 4 for $4 Meal: a trayful of mouth-filling glory. — Wendy's (@Wendys) January 20, 2016 ..before Burger King really piled Continue Reading

  • Going Viral

    How does one go viral? Oftentimes, the answer to this question is simply a matter of luck. The follow-up answer is one that I’m sure you’ve heard before – you have no chance to win if you don’t play the game. Such was the case for Boston University student Patrick Curran last night when his Continue Reading

  • Social Media Sucks

    If you’re looking to make a quick buck using social media, think again. If you think your foray into the land of twitter and facebook will gain you significantly more customers, think again. If you are obsessing over how many likes or followers your brand page has, forget it. Social media sucks for small businesses Continue Reading

  • Google + Twitter = Love

    As the days go by, Google and twitter fall more in love. Then again, so do Apple and twitter. Pretty much every tech company and twitter are falling in love and that means big things for the twitter community. It means greater access to twitter’s firehose (the stream of tweets on twitter) everywhere you look Continue Reading

  • Innovative Methods: Facebook for Business

    So everybody is on Facebook right? And Facebook has ad’s, group pages, deals and all sorts of online marketing goodness? And tons of user interaction, postings and feedback? The Question: How do we get our business on Facebook? In response to the growing popularity of Google+; more so the growing interest from business’s, Facebook has Continue Reading

  • Innovative Methods: Reshaping the Wheel

    You may or may not have heard but we have a new actor on this show called “The Internet”. Google recently launched a new social networking service Google + which hopes to push everyone aside and take center stage. This isn’t a new phenomenon though, to see a new actor appear stage left and try Continue Reading

  • Google +1 is Pro-Business

    Last week, Google revolutionized the search & social sphere with the release of its “+1” button. This button allows users to, in essence, “like” websites while recommending them to friends. This new foray into social search is just what Google needed, and is everything that Business has wanted. It replaces aspects of review sites, social Continue Reading

  • Twitter Updates Notifications

    If you’re an avid twitter user you’ll notice that twitter has undergone a few changes the past few weeks. Some of these changes are purely aestetic and include a new homepage, while others are more fundamental such as new e-mail notifications. You may notice that the notifications look very similar to the new homepage and Continue Reading

  • Social Media is a Gateway Drug

    Social Media as we know it is simply a gateway to other things. It’s not the social media that concerns us, it’s the effects thereafter. For instance, using social media can lead to tendencies to respond to customers. It can lead to the longing to see actualized results that impact the bottom line. Heck, social Continue Reading

  • The Small Business (Online) Advantage

    There’s Noise Out There In today’s marketing world, there is a ton of noise. In fact, it’s estimated (on the low end) that we see about 600 advertisements daily, so it’s easy to see how small businesses can be dismayed at their chances. Small businesses simply don’t have the means to go up against big Continue Reading