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  • Going Viral

    How does one go viral? Oftentimes, the answer to this question is simply a matter of luck. The follow-up answer is one that I’m sure you’ve heard before – you have no chance to win if you don’t play the game. Such was the case for Boston University student Patrick Curran last night when his Continue Reading

  • Local Optimization: How to Get Customers Near You

    If you are like most small businesses the hardest thing to find is customers. While people may be all around you, customers are busy people with busy lives and oftentimes proximity isn’t enough to make them visit your store. You have to reach out to them and make your products be visible. Here’s a few Continue Reading

  • Will You Marry Dave?

    I have never met Dave. You probably haven’t either. Yet Dave I know that Dave is a an older, single gentleman and brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. He is youthful in appearance and attitude and looking for someone to settle down with in San Diego, ideally. So how do I know all of Continue Reading

  • Daily Deals get Upgraded to Realtime

    In a race to become the best deals site around, Groupon and LivingSocial have upped the ante to include realtime deals on their site. Pressured from smaller startups like tipcity, Cing and others have mounted and the real time has become the time of now. As opposed to daily deals where deals are planned in Continue Reading

  • Innovative Methods: Facebook for Business

    So everybody is on Facebook right? And Facebook has ad’s, group pages, deals and all sorts of online marketing goodness? And tons of user interaction, postings and feedback? The Question: How do we get our business on Facebook? In response to the growing popularity of Google+; more so the growing interest from business’s, Facebook has Continue Reading

  • Innovative Methods: Thank You Please

    How much are your customers worth? How much does it cost you too acquire a new customer? Customer service is a tricky issue. Most experts say a disgruntled customer can usually be saved after the first major infraction and the relationship with them may even be stronger if saved properly. Sadly though some customers just Continue Reading

  • Deals Sites Compared: Groupon v. LevelUp

    Perhaps you’ve heard of Groupon, the $6 billion dollar group buying program with a business plan problem. Well, let me introduce you to its business friendly (and I say that with a smile) cousin – LevelUp. It acts very much like a typical group buying site, but is structured to ensure repeat visits and less Continue Reading

  • Innovative Methods: Reshaping the Wheel

    You may or may not have heard but we have a new actor on this show called “The Internet”. Google recently launched a new social networking service Google + which hopes to push everyone aside and take center stage. This isn’t a new phenomenon though, to see a new actor appear stage left and try Continue Reading

  • The Small Business (Online) Advantage

    There’s Noise Out There In today’s marketing world, there is a ton of noise. In fact, it’s estimated (on the low end) that we see about 600 advertisements daily, so it’s easy to see how small businesses can be dismayed at their chances. Small businesses simply don’t have the means to go up against big Continue Reading

  • Hootsuite Analytics SUCKS

    Today marked a big day. Hootsuite finally improved its analytics to integrate all aspects of its social platform into one nicely designed report. No longer do you have to go to google analytics to check your clickthroughs from Twitter. It’s in the report. You don’t have to check twitter counter to get your trends analysis Continue Reading