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David is an avid social entrepreneur and Boston sports fanatic. He founded Diversified Data Technologies way back in 2009 and stuck around to see it grow. His party quarks include unnecessary dancing and being an overly hospitable host. When looking, he can be found capturing the twitterverse at @DLanphear, being professional on LinkedIn, or bouncing around town with Foursquare.

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  • The Food Feud

    Where’s the beef? On Twitter, of course. Wendy’s is serving up a fresh (never frozen?) helping of social media marketing, complete with a side of special spunk. It all started off innocently enough… The 4 for $4 Meal: a trayful of mouth-filling glory. pic.twitter.com/JjDOFZVXuP — Wendy's (@Wendys) January 20, 2016 ..before Burger King really piled Continue Reading

  • Hummingbird’s High Rankings

    In Google’s latest move to dominate the internet it has rolled out a new update. This update varies its search algorithm once again. The purpose is to allow its spiders to quickly crawl the web. In turn, these spiders will save webpages and return them to you based on keywords. This sounds just like what Continue Reading

  • Google’s Raising Prices

    Today, Google announced that they are eliminating their free Google Apps service. To many, this may not mean much because they are unfamiliar with what this service offered. However, it means a heck of a lot to low-end users and startups just looking for the easy-to-use basics. You see, Google’s App Services are a collection Continue Reading

  • Going Viral

    How does one go viral? Oftentimes, the answer to this question is simply a matter of luck. The follow-up answer is one that I’m sure you’ve heard before – you have no chance to win if you don’t play the game. Such was the case for Boston University student Patrick Curran last night when his Continue Reading

  • Google Alerts

    Have you ever wondered what people are saying about you online? A little-buzzed service from Google allows you to get a preliminary overview of new content published about you. This service, called Google Alerts, is completely free and sends you emails only when it finds a new publication mentioning a word or phrase you have Continue Reading

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