Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • Social Media Sucks

    If you’re looking to make a quick buck using social media, think again. If you think your foray into the land of twitter and facebook will gain you significantly more customers, think again. If you are obsessing over how many likes or followers your brand page has, forget it. Social media sucks for small businesses Continue Reading

  • Local Optimization: How to Get Customers Near You

    If you are like most small businesses the hardest thing to find is customers. While people may be all around you, customers are busy people with busy lives and oftentimes proximity isn’t enough to make them visit your store. You have to reach out to them and make your products be visible. Here’s a few Continue Reading

  • Website Builders. Why Not?

    Many of you have no doubt seen the latest 1&1 Website Design commercials. They claim that with over 120 templates to choose from you can easily and quickly create a beautiful website for your business. It sounds simple enough, and certainly seems cheap enough. That’s probably why so many people have given it a try Continue Reading