Google + Twitter = Love

As the days go by, Google and twitter fall more in love. Then again, so do Apple and twitter. Pretty much every techgoogle and twitter logos together company and twitter are falling in love and that means big things for the twitter community. It means greater access to twitter’s firehose (the stream of tweets on twitter) everywhere you look and the ability to add your own tweets with easier availability.

This is all well and good for people, but really how does this help businesses? Well, if you’ve ever heard the expression “be where your market is” then you’re on the right track. Especially if your market is everywhere – because that’s where twitter is and that’s where twitter is headed – everywhere.

Take a look at this new enhancement from Google. When you search for things that relate to a twitter handle (that’s your twitter username) it’ll try to pull that information right there and display users that data. All you’ve got to do is allow Google to connect the two and you’ve got free advertising built right into Google. Neat.

So instead of continuing to make excuses, why don’t you try making a twitter page? It takes all of 5 minutes. And if you already have one, why don’t you try putting an extra 5 minutes into it every day and see if you get any better results?

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David is an avid social entrepreneur and Boston sports fanatic. He founded Diversified Data Technologies way back in 2009 and stuck around to see it grow. His party quarks include unnecessary dancing and being an overly hospitable host. When looking, he can be found capturing the twitterverse at @DLanphear, being professional on LinkedIn, or bouncing around town with Foursquare.

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