Monthly Archives: October 2011

  • Tricks: Making Your Site Compatible with IE9

    You’ve built a beautiful website, or are at least in the process of it, and it looks great. You’ve been using all the best practices you can think of and you’re just about to hit publish when you realize the worst – your website doesn’t work in IE. First thing’s first. Don’t panic. Internet Explorer Continue Reading

  • Saas: Profiting off a web-based App

    You wake up one morning and have an idea for a killer web app. After consulting with PogoPlus you come to realize you want to offer this software as a service. In other words, you want to allow users to log onto the web, access your site, and consume your software via a web browser. Continue Reading

  • Will You Marry Dave?

    I have never met Dave. You probably haven’t either. Yet Dave I know that Dave is a an older, single gentleman and brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. He is youthful in appearance and attitude and looking for someone to settle down with in San Diego, ideally. So how do I know all of Continue Reading

  • Why Build Links?

     You may be asking yourself, “what is link building and why should I be doing it?” If you’re saying this, then you’re probably just getting started online. In essence, link building is the most fundamental aspect of online reputation management. Just as your friends would recommend you, other “friendly” websites should also recommend your site. Continue Reading