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Recently, we changed. You may have noticed. No longer are we called “Diversified Data Technologies, LLC.” At least, not by title. However, our actions are the same and our people are the same too. We didn’t change, but we changed. Our name did. 

PogoPlus LogoAs you know, a name and name recognition is one of the greatest assets you can have in regards to any kind of reputation management. Oftentimes, when brands change their names it may be because they are trying to escape a shaky past or change directions in some way (we guarantee we don’t fall into this group). Or it could be because they realized that when they started, they may not have chosen the best branding strategy. This is our case.

We changed our name because we didn’t want the stiff corporate atmosphere that came with a long title like “Diversified Data Technologies.” That sounds like some old dude, somewhat related to one of the founders, came up with it (which is true). So we switched. PogoPlus sounds much more — AWESOME. And we think it is. We want to be a social, hip, new company that old sophisticated ones like Diversified Data Technologies can use to jump into the new media digital age.

Our change of name was a part of our overall branding re-direction and new branding strategy. To arrive at this decision we set goals for ourselves and who we want to be. We realized that we needed to embrace who we are (a group of 20 somethings) and create a company that let our personalities shine. We are a group of charismatic tech enthusiasts who love small business and have fun helping businesses out. We needed a logo to match.

Our superhero mascot is the perfect reflection of that. We used to draft up some mockups and revised until we got what you see today. He’s young. He’s enthusiastic. And he’s here to help.Professional business logo design

Our brand name, PogoPlus, comes from a childhood hobby – The Pogo Stick – and demonstrates movement, bounce, and energy. That’s what we have and that’s what we’re determined to provide for your brand and business. 

It was no random act that we changed names. Rather, we took a step back and looked at our brand from the 5,000 foot level instead of the day-to-day operations. We saw the brand we were and re-created the brand we would want to do business with. The end result is what you see today.

If you need any help moving your brand forward or re-designing your brand online – or even offline too – please give us a call. We’ve got some schooling paired with a few real-life experiences to help ya’ll out.

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David is an avid social entrepreneur and Boston sports fanatic. He founded Diversified Data Technologies way back in 2009 and stuck around to see it grow. His party quarks include unnecessary dancing and being an overly hospitable host. When looking, he can be found capturing the twitterverse at @DLanphear, being professional on LinkedIn, or bouncing around town with Foursquare.

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