Innovative Methods: Reshaping the Wheel

They all look alike but aren't made the same

You may or may not have heard but we have a new actor on this show called “The Internet”. Google recently launched a new social networking service Google + which hopes to push everyone aside and take center stage. This isn’t a new phenomenon though, to see a new actor appear stage left and try to re-brand a standard product/ service as something supposedly new. But unlike tangible products or service “The Internet” reshapes the wheel just as much as it remakes it.

The Question: Is Google + important and more so what can we learn from it?

At a recent press briefing Google CEO Larry Page tells us that Google is doing well and that Google + is seeing some explosive growth. The service launched just over two weeks ago and already has ten million unique users; some estimates pit the service to have twenty million by the end of the weekend. Furthermore current users are already sharing billions of links, suggestions, and other content units.

What this means is that yet another service has entered “The Internet” and consumers are yet again taking too it making another great avenue for small business to market their products/ services. While many of the functions Google + has to offer can be found in other services they also have a few that separate them from the pack including a streamlined user interface and more so the power backed by Google’s collection of web apps (and possibly everyone’s favorite search engine).

The Solution: Get involved and get in early.

Understanding and correctly utilizing new technologies can be tough but are also a great way to maintain a competitive advantage. Honestly Google + has not been tested yet, but even if it isn’t Google to put out the next big web venue there is always someone and something new coming.

What we can learn from this is that this social networking buzz word is pretty abstract but valuable and important. It helps connect people from all over the world in ways that are much more meaningful than the “Old Internet” of the 90’s. It’s also a ridiculously cheap way to connect to new and old customers alike in a more meaningful fashion.

The Moral of the Story: Keep in touch with the happenings of “The Internet” it will definitely help grow your business. If you don’t have enough time to do this, make friends with some super nerds who can do this for you.

– Joshy G

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Note: Google + is still in a beta invite only stage; the projected growth rates are fairly conservative since there is little ability for spontaneous buy in.

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