Innovative Methods: Facebook for Business

So everybody is on Facebook right? And Facebook has ad’s, group pages, deals and all sorts of online marketing goodness? And tons of user interaction, postings and feedback?

The Question: How do we get our business on Facebook?

In response to the growing popularity of Google+; more so the growing interest from business’s, Facebook has launched a new endeavor to promote teaching business’s how to manage their presence on the platform. In doing so organizations can learn about Pages, Ad’s, Deals and the other social plugin’s offered by Facebook. There’s a neat video giving a quick rundown of the platform in addition to details about the individual services.

The Solution: Go to and play around, it’s fun 

The Moral of the Story: The companies behind these internet marketing and reputation sites are getting wise to helping others (you) learn about how to use and profit from their services. All you have to do is ask.

– Joshy G


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