Monthly Archives: July 2011

  • Innovative Methods: Facebook for Business

    So everybody is on Facebook right? And Facebook has ad’s, group pages, deals and all sorts of online marketing goodness? And tons of user interaction, postings and feedback? The Question: How do we get our business on Facebook? In response to the growing popularity of Google+; more so the growing interest from business’s, Facebook has Continue Reading

  • Three Essential Website Tools

    In our experience as web developers, we’ve relied on three main tools to do our job. In fact, without some version of these guys, building out a solid website is next to impossible. Here are our choices for domain registrar, hosting provider and content management system. GoDaddy As far as domain registrars go, they’re the Continue Reading

  • Innovative Methods: Thank You Please

    How much are your customers worth? How much does it cost you too acquire a new customer? Customer service is a tricky issue. Most experts say a disgruntled customer can usually be saved after the first major infraction and the relationship with them may even be stronger if saved properly. Sadly though some customers just Continue Reading

  • Deals Sites Compared: Groupon v. LevelUp

    Perhaps you’ve heard of Groupon, the $6 billion dollar group buying program with a business plan problem. Well, let me introduce you to its business friendly (and I say that with a smile) cousin – LevelUp. It acts very much like a typical group buying site, but is structured to ensure repeat visits and less Continue Reading

  • Innovative Methods: Reshaping the Wheel

    You may or may not have heard but we have a new actor on this show called “The Internet”. Google recently launched a new social networking service Google + which hopes to push everyone aside and take center stage. This isn’t a new phenomenon though, to see a new actor appear stage left and try Continue Reading