Dr. Fred Arrigg Exposed His Latest Website

Fred Arrigg Exposed HeadshotWe’ve been at it again! And this time, our latest client has requested a new site to compliment his web presence. Looking to gain positive exposure online, Dr. Fred Arrigg came to us looking for help. His online reputation was scattered with various review sites, an unoptimized web presence, and a webpage that was running old scripts. What all this added up to was an incomplete view who Dr. Arrigg really is .

After a few days of consultation, Dr. Arrigg is back in the game. His new webpage – www.FredArrigg.com – boasts of his accomplishments and is already on the first page of Google after 1 day of publication! He is presently working on optimizing his own web presence with our consultation.

After exposing his site, he looks to further progress his online reputation by rolling out a new practice site and additional features in the coming weeks and months. Keep a lookout for more changes. This is the real Dr. Fred Arrigg Exposed.

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David is an avid social entrepreneur and Boston sports fanatic. He founded Diversified Data Technologies way back in 2009 and stuck around to see it grow. His party quarks include unnecessary dancing and being an overly hospitable host. When looking, he can be found capturing the twitterverse at @DLanphear, being professional on LinkedIn, or bouncing around town with Foursquare.

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