Monthly Archives: May 2011

  • Twitter Updates Notifications

    If you’re an avid twitter user you’ll notice that twitter has undergone a few changes the past few weeks. Some of these changes are purely aestetic and include a new homepage, while others are more fundamental such as new e-mail notifications. You may notice that the notifications look very similar to the new homepage and Continue Reading

  • Google Apps Minimizes Users, Expands Options

    It’s a sad time for small businesses. As we try to grow, the companies that support our online efforts are slowly closing the internet’s freemium model. While still popular, freemium – the popular marketing technique for online services where there is an initial free version of the product with limited features and multiple tiered pay Continue Reading

  • Dr. Fred Arrigg Exposed His Latest Website

    We’ve just completed some work for Dr. Fred Arrigg and it looks great! After coming to us looking to build a positive image of himself online, Dr. Arrigg has been greeted with a new page featuring the best of many accomplishments. Take a look!