Monthly Archives: April 2011

  • Social Media is a Gateway Drug

    Social Media as we know it is simply a gateway to other things. It’s not the social media that concerns us, it’s the effects thereafter. For instance, using social media can lead to tendencies to respond to customers. It can lead to the longing to see actualized results that impact the bottom line. Heck, social Continue Reading

  • Innovative Methods: The Office Desk

    Any business big or small has some sort of “office” usually recognized as a place where all the records, bills, telephones, computers, desks and even a refrigerator may be located. Today employees (and especially the boss) are spending more time behind the desks managing paper work, phone calls, and emails. The desk has become so Continue Reading

  • The QR Code Explosion

    What is a QR Code? QR Codes (pictured at right) are starting to show up everywhere. They’re at your favorite restaurants, websites, and even on t-shirts. QR Codes themselves are a great way to go beyond print media and bring video, images, and the web to supplement your advertising goals. Some QR Codes will bring you to company homepages, some will Continue Reading

  • Avenue Q Does Email

    Apparently, Trekkie Monster was wrong. The internet is for more than just porn. If you’ve seen the Broadway musical Avenue Q, then you surely know that a recurring theme asks just what the internet is good for. Fortunately for us, the internet can be used for a great many things. One such thing is email.

  • The Small Business (Online) Advantage

    There’s Noise Out There In today’s marketing world, there is a ton of noise. In fact, it’s estimated (on the low end) that we see about 600 advertisements daily, so it’s easy to see how small businesses can be dismayed at their chances. Small businesses simply don’t have the means to go up against big Continue Reading