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Writing Content is Key to Increasing Visibility

So you want attention driven to your blog or website, eh? And of course the goal is for your site to get enough hits that it leads to a tangible impact in the form of a positive ROI (Return on Investment). So just how do you that? Putting up a site doesn’t automatically make you successful. In fact, a quick Yahoo search will pull up statistics from users like rawr_chomp who claim that the internet has “at least 100, maybe even more” webpages (though our findings show the number is closer to 234 million as of Dec. ’09). So just how do you stand out form the crowd?

The answer: Don’t be static. If Amazon never updated their web store would you ever go back? Of course not! It’s silly to believe that any website that remains static will also become successful. You go back to Amazon and other sites for new content, new products and new ideas. For this reason alone, change is good.

Beyond creating new and unique content for your customers, it drives organic search engine results. Search Engines feed off of new content and will rank sites that are constantly updated much higher than ones which remain the same. The idea behind this is that sites that change often are generally more active and are likely to have fresh new content for users to explore. Google recognizes that you are actively working to improve your site and provide new content for your users, and therefore you must be unique and interesting. So changing or adding content to your site also helps you be found organically.

Blogging is a Simple Content Creation Tool

Blogging is a Simple Content Creation Tool

Finally, content is key because it positions you as a source of information and thought leader. Blogging is probably one of the best ways to continuously add content to your site on a regular basis and provide your customers value-adding content. Though your product line might now constantly change like Amazon, you should continually post new thoughts and ideas on all of your eMarketing channels including social media and blogs. One of the biggest reasons people follow you online is to find out about upcoming products and services and to hear what the company is doing. By producing ever changing content, you are able to give your customers a feel for what is going on in your company. This adds a sense of reassurance that the company is active and drives momentum towards your brand.

By adding content, you are giving your business the opportunity to be found. Creating pictures, adding video, and targeting key themes and keywords in your posts can only help the cause more. The more you create, the more chances you have for one of your posts to go mainstream or viral, and to boost your ROI even further. It doesn’t take much to get out there and create content, so why wait? Get started today!

If you need help or assistance setting up your website or blog for continuous content updates, or would like more information, Diversified Data Technologies, LLC is more than willing to help. Give us a call at 978-238-5273 and mention this post!

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