Monthly Archives: February 2011

  • Get a Haircut

    Every so often, you accumulate so much junk that some of it just has to go. Those old sneakers you loved so much? Gone. How about that rare Arabian artwork that’s been boxed up in the basement for 20 years? Sold. Your hair? Well, don’t get rid of it all, but it may need a Continue Reading

  • The Complete Online Strategy

    There’s much more to a website than just a website, and I’m not talking about the technical. The website is a fundamental piece of your online presence. Its your home storefront online. It is the center of your online campaigns and the biggest impression someone can have of your business online. It is the destination Continue Reading

  • An Overview of SEO

    What is it? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an Internet Marketing strategy that helps to improve the ranking and visibility of a website or web page in search engines via natural search results (unpaid). SEO is the processing of increasing a website’s ranking by having the search results appear higher up on the page. In Continue Reading

  • Content is King

    So you want attention driven to your blog or website, eh? And of course the goal is for your site to get enough hits that it leads to a tangible impact in the form of a positive ROI (Return on Investment). So just how do you that? Putting up a site doesn’t automatically make you Continue Reading

  • Breaking Down a Facebook Ad Summary

  • How to Make Your Facebook Page Great

    So you’ve already taken that first plunge into the world of social media and created a Facebook fan page for your business. Great! You’re beginning your journey into an exciting new territory that brings your offline relationships online and cross markets your business while building your brand. Of course, you probably already knew that having Continue Reading