Monthly Archives: June 2010

  • QR Codes — What they are. What they can do. Why you should care.

    QR Codes are 2 dimensional bar codes designed in the mid 90’s for inventory tracking systems. Their use has since been modified and standardized to incorporate more than inventory management, though. The use of these 2D codes has spread commercially, beginning in Japan, and used by businesses, books, stores, product manufactures, advertisers and the like to enhance marketing Continue Reading

  • SEO and Web Design

    Perhaps you’re confused about what SEO is exactly and how it differs from web design. After all, isn’t a web page all you need — then you tell people about it, Google “crawls” it, and you’re all set? Well yes, at the most basic level that is probably true. But the whole “build it and Continue Reading

  • The Social Stakeout

    So maybe you own your business name online, or a close derivative. This is a no brainer in today’s world of e-commerce and online recognition (if you don’t still, see us after class). But have you ever considered owning your own name online? In today’s growing world, it is critical to differentiate yourself from the Continue Reading