Monthly Archives: May 2010

  • Ubuntu reads your iPhone’s secrets, finds bat cave location

    The first time I used Linux was about 6 years ago when Red Hat 8.0 hit the public scene. Linux, and in particular the Red Hat and Ubuntu distributions, is a popular operating system that competes with the likes of Windows and Mac OS X. One of the neat features was being able to poke in Windows Continue Reading

  • Glee + Social Media =

    Maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s a little show on Fox called Glee. For those of you who have been living under a rock (or are above 35) I”ll give you a little summary. Glee is a show about a group of high schoolers who are all a part of their school’s glee, or theatre, Continue Reading

  • 5 Rules of Thought Leadership Blogging

    Blogging is a form of social media that is used and often abused. When consumers hop on the web for insight, they’re looking for quick and easy text. It’s a great way to build up thought leadership, but in order for this to be achieved, your audience must first actually read your post. So just Continue Reading

  • What the new Google APIs mean to you now.

    Last week, Google held a huge conference of geeky programmer types in order to make some surprising new announcements. Among these announcements was the release of new APIs for developers to jump in on and use. The new API sets Google decided to include were a brand new Latitude API, a Buzz API, and a Continue Reading

  • Social Means Online and Off

    Social Media has become an outrageous buzz word today. Social this, social that. It’s been thrown around so much that its meaning has become so construed that it hardly even applies to being social anymore. Being social is, by definition, getting out there and engaging. The online world exploded the social scene in the past Continue Reading

  • The New Marketing Environment – Thought Leadership

    With the birth of the internet two decades ago came dramatic change to the common business model. Businesses now have access to market not only to the consumers in their direct region, but to consumers all over the world using the internet. Along with this dynamic, consumers have also changed. The days of internet pop-up Continue Reading

  • Apple blocks another third party developer

    When Apple announced that there would be no cross compiling, or using another programming language other than objective C there was an outcry amongst developers. Most recently, it’s been turned into a battle between Apple and Adobe. The issue at hand has to due with the launch of Adobe’s new Creative Suite 5. A new Continue Reading

  • Build a Site — Quick!

    So you have a great idea and need a website. Perhaps you have a new product launching, are about to walk into an interview and want to cover your back if they Google you, or have some idea for a site and want it up NOW. You could just give us a call, or you Continue Reading

  • What is Online Reputation Management?

    Online Reputation Management is the process of securing ones reputation as it appears in various forms on the internet. Securing one’s reputation online is not about merely tracking down and wiping out any negative mumblings that might be associated with a brand, though that may be part of it. Securing one’s online reputation is giving Continue Reading

  • SEO Basics: What Color is Your Hat?

    If you’ve done any independent SEO research you’ve probably come across references to White Hat, Black Hat, and Grey Hat SEO. Wondering what these are? If so, keep reading… White Hat Search engine approved practices that attempt to naturally optimize the site while maintaining its integrity. White hat strategies are intended to provide long-term benefits Continue Reading