Monthly Archives: April 2010

  • SEO Basics: Meta Data

    Meta tags are located between the opening and closing head tags of a page’s source code. The three types of tags that are examined by search engine crawlers are the Description, Keyword, and Robots. Descriptions More so than any other aspect of SEO, meta descriptions effect WHAT is displayed for your site’s search engine listing Continue Reading

  • The 7 Rules of Foursquare

    Last week I talked about how Foursquare is a simple tool for marketing your physical business. Its strength is building buzz among friends tofrequent stores and therefore encourage customer retention by bridging the gap of physical places and online gaming and reviews. All of these features are very cool and the whole geo-location gaming concept Continue Reading

  • Youtube and Your Business

    Fact: Youtube has more than 100 million videos viewed each day with tens of millions of unique visitors. It’s one of the most viewed sites on the internet. Imagine empowering your business through such a medium, and the potential benefits of entering the YouTube arena. Another fact is that less than 1 percent of visitors Continue Reading

  • SEO Basics: Content and Links

    While the methods are complex (incorporating hundreds of factors and using complex algorithms to filter and rank), the purpose of search engines are simple: to provide a list of the most applicable sites for a given search term. Be it Google, Yahoo, Bing, or another search engine, the top criteria on which pages are evaluated Continue Reading

  • Yelping Your Business

    Since it’s inception, the use of the Yelp service by consumers has spread to a myriad of other businesses. Whether your a restaurant, or the owner of a fitness club; you should be knowledgeable of how your Yelp reviews will affect your business.

  • Foursquare: A Whole New Game

    Geo-location gaming is taking the social world by storm. Foursquare is now routinely receiving 300,000 checkins daily and has become the defacto standard in geo-gaming. In case you’re not familiar with the concept, Foursquare centers around “check-in” to businesses and areas of interest mainly around the US. Each check in gives you points and you play against Continue Reading